SendaiYuki went to Sendai to

Sendai。Yuki went to Sendai to see an old friend of last week.1 hers2hers答えは1なのですが、例えば固有名詞でkenのものと言いたいときはKensですよね?そしてhersって単語ってそもそもありましたっけ??無いです。 「Ken のものと言いたい時は Kens」ですが、「物」が何であるか、必ず主語で明記されるか、The book is Kens. 或はKens の後にその「物」が明記されます。 Do you have Kens book?したがって、hers は 所有格の her の間違いです。一人称 IWe. 二人称 You 及び三人称 He, She,They には「誰々の」と言う所有格がありますが、固有名詞には固有名詞独特の所有格が有りませんの「固有名詞+’s」で所有格にします。

Shorter。Shorter intervals between great earthquakes near Sendai: Scour ponds and a sand layer attributable to A。D This time lag has been explained by ascribing the tsunami to a submarine landslide [Tsuji and Ueda, 1995] or to a。

Chant。2009。12。29 TUE 15:00 Kick Off The 89th EMPEROR'S CUP Semi Final GAMBAOSAKA Blue 。Yuki。After graduating from high school, she joined Tasaki Perule FC in 2007。 However, the club was disbanded in 2008 due to financial strain。 So, she moved to INAC Kobe Leonessa in 2009。 In 2012, she moved to new club Vegalta Sendai later Mynavi Vegalta Sendai。

詳しい説明ありがとうございます!よく理解できました!Yuki。Previously, I* parameter has been proposed to diagnose noninvasively the progressive degree of atherosclerosis which is considered to concern the discrimination of the progressive degree of visco elasticity of blood vessel wall。 However, the。

Yuki。Did you know? There is an english version of Transfermarkt available。 Go here to Transfermarkt。us 。 Yuki Nakashima。 Japanese second league Champion Japan 1 。 12/13Vegalta Sendai Japan Vegalta Sendai Dec 31, 2012 End of loan。

Japanese。By Yuki Matsuoka 。 It was held in the Sendai International Center, where thousands of delegates had attended the March 2015 Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction that issued the Sendai Framework。


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