University???!Fashion is not universal

University。Fashion is not universal. It is not a phenomenon that exists everywhere and all times. Its roots are neither in human nature nor in group mechanisms in general. 最後の文章の“ingeneral”がgroup mechanismにかかり「一般的な集団メカニズム」とするのか、「そのルーツは一般的に人間の性質にも集団のメカニズムにもない」とするのかわかりません。どちらなんでしょうか。

どちらとも取れる文章なので解釈によって意見が分かれるところではあると思いますが、私は「そのルーツは一般に、人間の性質にも集団メカニズムにもない」と解釈します。その理由は、この内容がFashion is not universalであり、裏を返せばFashion exists in particular places and timesだからです。続く文章としては、「ファッション全般を説明するものとして、以下のことは正しくない」つまり「一般には?でない」という内容がくるのが自然だと思われるからです。

University。Famed designer Coco Chanel said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only。 Fashion is in the sky, in the street。Fashion。When she is not at work, Kelsey loves to run along the NYC coastline and venturing into new neighborhoods to find the 。 During her time at University of Delaware, she was a major contributor to the Department of FashionApparel Studies。

So。A degree will give you historical and contextual knowledge that other routes into the industry might not provide Christopher Moore, director of the British School of Fashion at Glasgow Caledonian University, says: The。

Top。-Due to the specialized nature of most fashion schools, many of the institutions listed below do not feature in the QS World University Rankings? which only ranks universities that cover multiple subject areas。 Nonetheless。

Fashion。An introduction to the fashion studies minor No more than one course may be transferred from outside the University of Minnesota to fulfill minor requirements。 Transfer coursework may be accepted for prerequisite courses upon review and 。

For。-A University of Delaware program is helping to create the first clothing sizing guide for people with Down syndrome and other disabilities。Fashion。Key content includes an overview of the fashion industry, product making, design foundations, textile materials, historical 。 GPA of 2。75 to be considered for admission, but simply having the minimum GPA does not guarantee admission。


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