Worksheetのイベントプロシージャー???Private Sub Worksheet

Worksheetのイベントプロシージャー。Private Sub Worksheet_ChangeByVal Target As RangeDim Findcell As Range If IntersectTarget, RangeA1 Is Nothing Then Exit Sub Else Set Findcell = WorksheetsB.Cells.FindRangeA1, lookat:=xlWhole If Findcell Is Nothing Then MsgBox 該当データなし Else Cells1, 2 = Findcell.Offset, 1 Cells1, 3 = Findcell.Offset, 2 End If End IfEnd SubSet Findcell = WorksheetsB.Cells.FindRangeA1で424のエラーがでます。なぜですか?

Event。Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate Private Sub Worksheet_ChangeByVal Target As Range Application。EnableEvents。>Set Findcell = WorksheetsB.Cells.FindRangeA1Set Findcell = WorksheetsB.Cells.FindWhat:=RangeA1.Value

How。Usually, the only macros that need to be private in Excel are the worksheet/ workbook events,。Worksheetのイベントプロシージャー。Private Sub Worksheet_イベント名[引数] 引数が必要な場合はその引数も含めて自動的にイベントプロシージャーが追加され。


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